My Definition of Summer


 Sum-mer (noun): The time of the year in which you can stop and smell the flowers while wearing your favorite dress

summer dressses 027

This is one of my favorite flower smelling dresses. I got this romantic little lace Free People dress on sale over spring break at the Free People store in Woodmere, Ohio. The color is nice and warm for summer but can also be carried into the fall.

The photos below are just some that I took in my gardens at home.


Favorite Fall Shirt

I was so excited when I came home with this shirt on Monday! And like always, the first thing I do when I get something new is put together as many outfits as possible with my new article of clothing! Usually I can find one or two good outfits for each new item, but this time I was blown out of the water! This shirt goes with almost every pair of my favorite pants and ALL of my favorite jewelry!!


Feeling Free in Free People

outfits on me 039

My dearest grandmother bought me this light green, floral, and lace Free People shirt at the end of this spring and at first I really wasn’t sure about it! I liked the idea of it, loved the colors, the pattern, the lace godets near the hem, but there was still something about the top that I was unsure of. The shirt sat in m closet for a couple of weeks before I finally decided to force myself to wear it for the first time when I went out to lunch with my grandmother. That’s when I finally fell in love. It made me feel like twirling around and picking flowers!

Top: Free People

Jeans: Guess

Photos by: My dearest most wonderful boyfriend Charles



Free Flowin’

There’s something about this dress. Something that makes me walk a little taller, feel a little prettier. There’s something about this dress that makes me want to twirl around and let the wind play with my hair.

outfits on me 158

I purchased this dress from one of my favorite boutiques in the world, Winds of Change. They have a collection of beautiful and unique clothes that are all right up my alley. I’ve had this dress for over a year now but am unaware of the brand because I cut the itchy annoying tag off.

This dress is by far one of my favorite dresses simply because I can dress is up or down for almost any occasion. I’ve worn it to weddings with tan strappy heels and a shiny statement necklace, I’ve worn it for a night out on the town with a black leather jacket and a pair of black booties, I’ve worn it out to dinner many times, but my favorite way to wear it is with nothing else while I’m sitting around my house.

Photo credits go to my wonderful boyfriend, Charlie. Thank you for supporting me and taking time out of our limited weekend together to help me with my blog! Love you!


First Day of Summer

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the first day of summer at one of the best places  to relax and have fun on a nice day! It was perfect and being in the company of some of my really good friends made it even better! We did a lot of laying around and talking before going on a little adventure down the shore where we found the cutest little tee pee made from drift wood. My dearest friend Kylie took took all the pictures of me, the rest were taken by me and all of them are completely unedited.


My Wonderful Weekend

I know I haven’t been keeping up with my little blog baby but here’s some pictures of me to make up for it. I had a wonderful weekend with my wonderful boyfriend who was kind enough to play fashion photo shoot with me yesterday afternoon. I made him take some pictures of me at a park we stopped at on our way home from dinner because I was in love with my shirt/necklace combo.



Garage Sale Treasures (Part 2)

If you saw my post yesterday (Garage Sale Treasure Part 1) you know that I went a tiny bit garage sale crazy over the weekend! I came home with so much cool stuff for so cheap! I spent around $30 between Friday and Saturday and it was split pretty evenly between clothes and home decor! I came home with a grocery bag FULL of lightly used brand name clothes that actually fit me! So Exciting!

Above are my three favorite clothing finds from this weekend

A beautiful white lace tank from JCREW, a floral pencil skirt from Anthropologie, and a pair of army green hei hei cargo pants that are also from Anthropologie!

I’m equally excited about all of the clothes that I purchased and you can check out the rest below: