Refreshing Rains.

All of this summer rain we’ve been having is starting to make me feel like I live somewhere tropical! That must explain all of the bright colors and exotic prints I’ve been wearing lately! Wearing bright and refreshing colors on a grey-skyed day is a great way to lift your spirits.

I bought this beautiful silk top from Lucky Brand before school started last fall. Most of the time I pair it with dark wash skinny jeans and accessorize with my silver and gold watch and necklace.

Summer Styles 013



I got this romper at Hollister since I was recently employed there and got 50% off of five items. I love the color and the simple pattern makes it easy to accessorize.

Summer Styles 007

Last but not least, my tropical tank! I purchased this little beauty at Nordstrom Rack at the beginning of this summer. This top pairs nicely with white pants or tucked into high-waisted shorts.

Summer Styles 034


Sundays and Stormy Days

Today is a me day. My weekend has been pretty crazy so I need to take a day for myself;  I have nothing on my agenda besides facials and painting (Check out some of my latest art projects on my Instagram)

I plan to lounge around in this comfy Free People tee shirt paired with some leggings that I don’t care about getting covered in paint.

Summer Styles 002

I would also like to share my new favorite Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Facial Mask with the world. I use it twice a week to detox and exfoliate my skin. This stuff works wonders and completely refreshes my skin after crazy weekends of running around, sitting by campfires, and falling asleep with my makeup on!

Summer Styles 004

My Free People tee shirt was another Nordstrom Rack purchase and I found my polishing mask at Ulta.


Favorite Fall Shirt

I was so excited when I came home with this shirt on Monday! And like always, the first thing I do when I get something new is put together as many outfits as possible with my new article of clothing! Usually I can find one or two good outfits for each new item, but this time I was blown out of the water! This shirt goes with almost every pair of my favorite pants and ALL of my favorite jewelry!!

Outfit Under $20

Yesterday I went to Plato’s Closet with a whole bin of clothes that have been taking up valuable space in my closet. I dropped off my bin and then started looking through racks and racks of other people’s used clothing until they were done evaluating mine. Most of it was geared towards middle-high schoolers (lots of Aeropostale, Hollister, and PINK) and there were a lot of summery clothes (which I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more of). I really didn’t think I would find anything worth my time… Until I came across a pair of brownish Juicy Couture corduroys. I love corduroys!! And these ones were only $10 and in great condition! I had to try them on!  but of course I can’t just try on the pants, I needed a shirt to try them on with. I walked over to the shirts and and fell in love with the first blouse I picked up! A multicolored/abstract printed blouse from The Limited!

favorite fall shirt 002


I really didn’t think I would find such a versatile and classic outfit at Plato’s, they tend to buy trends and fads geared (they had loads and loads of tribal print, racks upon racks of black and white, and countless high-low dresses and skirts).

I also purchased a necklace from a store in the mall for a mere $3 that matched my style and this outfit perfectly!

favorite fall shirt 006


I ended up spending around $18 on this outfit and only $15 at Plato’s (originally $22) because they decided to take only three articles of my wonderful clothing and offered me $6.50.

 Also, check back tomorrow to see more outfits that I put together with my new shirt! I swear it goes with everything in my closet. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it this fall!



My 4th of July #NOTD (Necklace of the Day)

I bought this blue (maybe slightly purple BUT MOSTLY BLUE!!) necklace from Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago and didn’t pay more than $15ish for it! It’s perfect and fun for summer and I was able to wear it with a lot in the spring too!

wildfox and forth of july 009

The shades of blue in the necklace and shirt go well together  and aren’t too obnoxious for daytime. I plan to complete this outfit with a pair of high waist shorts, a pair of red sandals, and my favorite watch.

For night time I want to wear something a little bit more exciting and festive(It is America’s birthday after all)!! I decided that I want to pair the pale-ish blue necklace with a more vibrant shade of red!

wildfox and forth of july 014

I purchased the red and blue tank from Kohl’s on Monday.

the red Free People dress is a year or so old and was purchased from Nordstrom Rack.


WildFox Couture

Eeeek! Look what I found in the mail yesterday! I ordered this precious little Pin Up Hearts Paradise Cami by for nearly 70% off through Nordstom Rack and if you know me at all you know that Nordstrom rack is my shit (excuse my launguage)!! Even being on a broke college kid budget, I always find there selection to be adorable and affordable!

wildfox and forth of july 001


I have to say, this might just be my new favorite tank top! It drapes and falls in all the right places and I love the way the bottom sligtly flows out,it’s very flattering. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this tank top, It can be worn with denim for a casual look or with a leather jacket or skirt for a night out!


wildfox and forth of july 005



I would like to thank Nordstrom Rack again for this amazing $20 find!

Also, look out for another Nordstrom Rack find in my next post!


Feeling Free in Free People

outfits on me 039

My dearest grandmother bought me this light green, floral, and lace Free People shirt at the end of this spring and at first I really wasn’t sure about it! I liked the idea of it, loved the colors, the pattern, the lace godets near the hem, but there was still something about the top that I was unsure of. The shirt sat in m closet for a couple of weeks before I finally decided to force myself to wear it for the first time when I went out to lunch with my grandmother. That’s when I finally fell in love. It made me feel like twirling around and picking flowers!

Top: Free People

Jeans: Guess

Photos by: My dearest most wonderful boyfriend Charles