Hello There!

My name is McKenna Myer and I am the creator of Closet Bouquets. After spending my first year as an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development major at Bowling Green State University I have become inspired to start my first blog. My goal is to get my ideas and opinions out there and to hopefully inspire others in the process.

My unique style truly reflects me as person, what makes me smile, and my values. I wear what makes me happy since an outfit is not complete without a smile. My values are many with a focus on nature. Mr. Sun and Mother Earth are two of my biggest inspirations; I honor them in all aspects of my life.






4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there, checking in by way of the Community Pool at WordPress. You asked about your blog design– this looks fantastic! Lots of eye-catching photos in every post, clean design, easy to read (both in font choice and widget placements)… what did it look like before? I don’t see anything out of place or “wrong”– looks like you’ve got the right idea here!


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