Cool Colors

On hot summer days today (it’s almost 90 degrees in little old Newbury, OH), it can be hard keep occupied without getting overheated. It’s too hot to go hiking or biking, the zoo animals are lazy, and standing in line for two hours to go down a chlorine filled water slide sounds like the last thing I want to do. Instead, I have opted for a much more relaxing way to spend my day. I am going to paint my nails the coolest coldest color I can find in my collection and start the book I bought a my favorite bookstore last week. (See Shopping in Chagrin Falls for details)

My nails polish collection is impressive and contains many different brands and tons of different colors but my favorite nail polish brand by far is Essie. My first ever nail polish purchase was an Essie nail polish and I have been hooked ever since. I love the square little bottles and the perfectly creative names for each and every color. I love how the brushed seem to always pick up the right amount of polish each time and how the color glides over every nail without streaking.

I have tons and tons of Essie favs and would love to share them all but that would take a very long time. So here are some of my favorite cool colors for this hot summer day.

nailpolish 029Left: Sew Psyched|Middle: Mint Candy Apple|Right: turquoise & Caicos

nailpolish 025

The dark army/forest green color of Sew Psyched is one of the most popular colors this year. This color looks great with contrast against whites, tans, and light browns. I also love sporting this polish with more feminine tones such as peach and lavender.

nailpolish 027

      Above and center is a better photo of Turquoise & Caicos. This shade is PERFECT for summer! Its light, it’s fresh, and it’s Turquoise! Doesn’t get much better than that! I love pairing it with other shades of green and blue but also works as a wonderful pop of color to a more neutral outfit.

If I was forced to wear one color nail polish for the rest of the year it would be Mint Candy Apple (below). It’s the most splendid shade of light blue with a flawless hint of mint. This color is bright and happy for summer, goes with everything, can carried into fall because of how amazing it looks against warmer tones, and then can slide into winter to match the cold colors of snow.

nailpolish 007

Last but not least, the brightest most royal blue around: Butler Please! now even though I have never painted all of my nails this color (I have to admit it is a bit bright for my taste) I love this for toe nails or an accent nail against a lighter blue. Butler Please is a fun summer color and another great choice for fall.

nailpolish 005

Comment with your favorite shade and I will paint my nails and make my next OOTD revolve around the most popular choice.

Make sure to check out my next OOTD post this Friday!



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