My Latest Discovery

While goofing around on Pinterest earlier today, I found a gorgeous floral shirt with the perfect amounts of boho and chic – just the way I like it. Curious as to where I may purchase this beauty, I clicked on the photo only to find some stupid caption with the words “Johnny Was” at the end. After searching around on the interwebs for awhile longer I finally ended up googleing Johnny Was. I clicked on the first link and there it was, that beautiful floral shirt I was lusting over on pintereset! The only problem I have now is that I’m not just lusting over the shirt, I’m lusting over the whole brand! Everything on the site was screaming my name!

Now even though the clothes are a tad bit out of my average price range, I’m sure I’ll be able to work in some Johnny Was pieces into my wardrobe in the future! And if you enjoy my style or simply love exploring new things, then you should check out Johnny Was 


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